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Be Your Own Boss

The best part of owning your own BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Center is you are your own boss. Our turnkey franchise options utilize a proven, non-medical method to losing unwanted pounds that is paired with a home office that supports the business and the franchise owner. We know that it takes more than an effective means of losing weight and eliminating symptoms of menopause, so we have designed a business model that is supported by a home office focused on your success.

There are so many perks to owning a BeBalanced franchise!
  • Low-cost investment, high profit potential
    High-referral business
  • Small retails space – Simple build-out
  • Minimal staff needed
  • Limited retail hours

Be the First BeBalanced Location Owner in your Area Today!

Owning your own business is both challenging and satisfying. Owning an established franchise means you have the power of the brand behind you each step of the way. Be the first to open a BeBalanced in your area today and start the path to a secure financial future. The power of an easy-to-access home office is available to get you started and remain supported each step of the way. Contact us today to open your own business today.